All That Glitters Fundraiser Performance

Come see our fabulous performers during the silent auction portion of the event.  Check out all of the activities and auction items for this great fundraiser! Click here!

Performance Jitters!

Many people get nervous when they perform. Performing builds character and helps students of all ages overcome fear. This allows individuals to realize their goals, whether musical or otherwise. I highly encourage performing.

Here is an example of a very well-respected and accomplished violinist that tells in her bio how she began getting nervous after success began to happen and how she overcame it. Click here: Natalie MacMaster

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Daily Quotation Quotes

Read these words of wisdom when you are feeling like you need a lift or a kick start.

Irish Whiskey

CreasonStudios arrangement of Edgar Gabriel’s Irish Whiskey performed with solos throughout, including a sneak up of the little tykes =) playing a short part of the Blarney Stone. This fun little version is a crowd pleaser.

Devil’s Dream

Here is a fun version of Devil’s Dream. It starts off with some little tykes introducing it with the Country Dance lead in.

Butterfly Rant, RCF

Here is video of the summer electric string group performing at the Racine County Fair.

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Lisa Creason

Lisa Creason began playing the violin at age eight. Since that time, she has performed all over the United States and Canada (Las Vegas was the best!) for well-reknowned guests such as the Pope, John Paul II, the original Ronald McDonald, Dan Quayle, CEOs of various companies throughout the Midwest and many, many more. After receiving a full regents scholarship, Lisa completed her bachelor degree in Music Performance at Arizona State University. She then went on to become a member of the Chicago Civic Orchestra, performing with (and for) musical geniuses, such as: Pierre Boulez, Sir George Solti, Daniel Barenboim, Zubin Mehta, Reuben Gonzalez, Albert Ignolikov and Rachel Barton. Lisa has been concertmaster for various ensembles and is well versed in leading groups. She also performed in various capacities (solo section, section performer, concertmaster) for many ballet, musical theaters and other ensembles in Arizona, Illinois and Wisconsin. Lisa performs as a soloist, and with musical groups such as the Black Tie Affair String Ensemble and the Allura Electric strings, of which she is also the director. Lisa also performs with a variety of rock, jazz, celtic and country bands. She began teaching violin privately in 1991 and has clinicianed at various summer camps, judged musical events, and developed and directed student ensembles such as a string ensemble at the Jack Benny Center.

Locally, Lisa has performed under the direction of Gerald Hoffman for many of the St. Joesph’s musicals as well as soloed with the Kenosha Pops band with the Theme from Schindler’s list.

Lisa continues to perform throughout the Midwest and beyond for both public and private performances.

Know Your Stuff

Here are some fun games to play. There are some that require you to know some background information (well, all of them do), but much of this knowledge you should already know. For things like the Beethoven game, go search for the answers while you are playing the game.

For all Java games, you can select how you would like to play them: Matching, Flashcards (Java/non-Java), Concentration, Word Search All are fun =)

Rhythm is a big challenge for many. Understand rhythm with these fun games…

Rhythm Noteheads
This lesson will help student learn music vocabulary about rhythm. One “beat” refers to a quarter note in 4/4 time.
Rhythm Flash Cards
Practice your skills at counting and clapping rhythms. First study the list of terms, then go on to use the matching, flashcard or other games.
Rhythm Game
Fun game of Rags to Riches. Again, a “beat” refers to a quarter note in 4/4 time.
Rhythm-Finish the Measure Game Watch your time signatures on this one! Great review!
Count the Beats
Practice counting the beats in a measure. 1 2-3-4 (lines mean hold the note), so the measure would be a quarter note followed by a dotted half note (3 beats)
Rhythm Terms Game
Review the list of terms first.

Music Symbols
Review some music symbols, noteheads.

Rhythm and Melody Hangman!
Know your terms? Test it here. Have fun and good luck!
More to come! Or look at other activities listed on this site. There are many to choose from. I will be creating some specific to violin… so, stay tuned!

Click here for a great site full of fun and lessons. A lot of work went into that site!
You can find some of the games from above in these lessons as well.