Words of Encouragement for Adult Students


The violin was something I wanted to play since fifth grade, now that I have reached 45, I have finally made a dream come true. I may not be an orchestra participant, but I can make beautiful music in country and in classical. Lisa has been my teacher over the past two years. I started out not knowing anything about playing an instrument or reading music. Being an adult it is a lot harder to learn and a lot harder to teach, but Lisa got me through the hard times. She encouraged me to stick with it, when I felt defeated; she knew the right things to do, when I was getting bored. She made the lessons fun and made me want to practice to be better.

Now a teacher herself

Erin Loescher

I have played violin since I was in third grade. When I was in middle school, I began taking private lessons from Lisa Creason. As I progressed, Lisa had me enter into the Wisconsin School Music Association Solo and Ensemble Festivals. Seeing as I was from a small private grade school and high school, I didn’t have much experience in contests or playing in ensembles at all. Although it was somewhat of a nerve-wrecking experience at first, I was very happy I did it because it really taught me self-discipline in practicing, and performance practice habits that helped me throughout my career. As I progressed through high school doing these competitions and being in a small ensemble at my high school, I was inspired to continue my music career. I had always wanted to be a teacher, and loved music, so when I found out there was such a thing as a music education major, I thought, “What could be more perfect?” Lisa encouraged me through my college selection process and the auditions that accompanied that. It was an uncertain time in life, but I was glad I knew exactly what I wanted to do because of my love of music that had developed over the years. I finally selected UW-Whitewater for my music education career, and couldn’t have been happier. I just finished my senior year at Whitewater, and feel that it was the right place for me. The faculty at that facility, along with encouragement and support from former fellow musicians such as Lisa, provided the perfect atmosphere for me to grow and learn to my truly fullest potential. Every experience through my education at Whitewater was a fantastic one, and I truly grew to know, understand, and value music at a level I never thought possible. That love for music that had been started back when I took lessons from Lisa was only nurtured, and grew to be the career that I am beginning this month actually. Next week, I will begin my semester of student teaching in the Burlington School District for the Orchestra program, and I couldn’t be more excited! I cannot think of anything better to do with the rest of my life but share this wonderful gift of music and violin playing that has been given to me. Although I don’t know exactly where I will end up to teach, I’m comfortable with my future, knowing that I will dedicate it to the art that I love: music!