Sign up for Summer Orchestra in Burlington!

From June 17-July 24, play in a fun-filled summer orchestra program! Join your friends. Meet new friends. Learn something new! Is there something you really like? Let me know! I take requests. I am already getting in some music for Frozen.

Click below on your grade for a form to download, print and bring with you!

Summer Orchestra – GRADES 3 through 8

High School Sign Up

For the young ones, ages 8 through 10

If you are able to play in Suzuki Book 2 or above, you can sign up. If I get enough in this category, we may have a separate orchestra just for your age group. I already have a few signed up, so don’t worry about being the only young one in the Jr. High orchestra. If you are not sure, set up a time to come see me to play something =)

For beginners, ages 4 through 10

There will be weekly group violin lessons to sign up for on Tuesdays or Thursdays, later in the day. Send me a note, if interested. Same weeks and concert schedule.

Concert Dates

  • Wednesday, July 23, Echo Park Pavilion, time TBD, late afternoon/evening
  • Thursday, July 24, BHS auditorium, time TBD, late afternoon/evening

Can’t make the concert, but still want to sign up for the summer? Just let me know the first week of practice.


Rehearsals are every Tuesday and Thursday from June 17-July 24, with the exception of July 3rd.

Times: 10-11:30a/Jr Orch and 11:30-1p/HS orch.

Parents with younger children, assume the earlier timeslot for now. I may move you to earlier or later in the day, if there are enough of you that can/want to be a part of the summer orchestra program.

Makeup rehearsal times may be available to those that need to miss rehearsals. Violin students are encouraged to take private lessons, especially if you want a solo. I will be offering a discount for those new to my studio that sign up for orchestra.


  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Bass
  • Guitar (must own an acoustic/electric)
  • Piano

Once you sign up, please send me an e-mail telling me which orchestra and instrument you play. If you play a treble (G) or bass clef instrument other than the ones listed above, ok =) you must be able to read one of these clefs to sign up.

Click here to register online

Don’t forget to e-mail what instrument you play! Thank you! I look forward to having you play in the orchestra!

Orchestras sponsored by Music Matters.

Ask a question in the comments section below. It will appear after approved and answered. Daily. Or, If you additional questions, please email or text me, or give me a call @ 847.274.6449, cell

East Troy Bluegrass Bootcamp, Sept. 9

CreasonStudios Fiddle Stunts group will be blazing the stage again this year at the East Troy Bluegrass Festival. Previous performances include Pleasant Prairie Family Days, Bristol Progress Days, Racine County Fair and more. This year, we will be teaming up with the talented kids from the Burie Family to make this year’s Kids Boot Camp even more fun!

Learn more about the bootcamp and our performance! You can also find information:

Tune suggestions are always welcome.

For all ages and abilities. Click here for more information.

03/06/10 – WSMA, Kenosha

2009 Holiday Concert Survey

Whether a participant or a part of the audience, we’d like to hear from you. Tell us what you thought of the last concert! Take this survey

WSMA, Kenosha, Solo and Ensemble

Title: WSMA, Kenosha, Solo and Ensemble
Location: Bradford High School, Kenosha, WI
Start Time: 8
Date: 2010-03-06

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Any age student K-12, Shoreland Music Festival


If you would like to participate in the Shoreland Music Festival, please let me know. I can sign you up for forms, payment, and more information, contact:

Ruth A. Kinstler
Business Office Clerk
262-859-2595 ext. 210

Read about a previous Shoreland Music Festival here.

Students 6-12 grade, Solo and Ensemble

Time is closing in on getting signed up for the WSMA Solo and Ensemble competition. For more information see under Performance.


Summer camp is not just for kids. Adults can take part in many of the ones listed here. There are some for jazz, fiddle, and orchestra camps. Some are more focused on music than others. Below are links to a few that I recommend. If you have any questions about the ones listed here, don’t hesitate to ask. Add more if you know of some that have been fun. They don’t all have to be about music. Early Spring is usually the cut off date for some of the more aggressive ones.