Wisconsin S&E Competition

For those of you enrolled in a Wisconsin public school, please sign up with your orchestra, band or choir director.

For those not enrolled in a Wisconsin public school:


If you are not enrolled in a public school and need help signing up for solo and ensemble, please let me know as early as possible (December/January). For those of you in Public school, please contact the orchestra or music teacher there to get signed up. I cannot sign you up.

For non-home-schooled Illinois residents: please contact a music teacher (choir or band if there is no orchestra) at your school to get signed up. (I am pretty sure she said private school students as well, when I asked her, so please indicate that you are my student and that I am in Pleasant Prairie, WI)
(Please note, if you are home schooled, let me know.)

For Wisconsin residents and Illinois Homeschooled students:  Search for solo or ensemble selections (ensembles for home schooled students must be done with siblings.)

What to do (taken directly from the 2009-10 Festival Rules).

Home-schooled or Non-WSMA Member Student Participation Requirements

  1. Students who are home-schooled OR who attend a non-WSMA member school may participate in WSMA Solo & Ensemble Festivals (District and State) with the following conditions:
    1. Payment to WSMA of a $45 registration fee to participate.
    2. The initial registration includes the first event (solo or ensemble) entered.
    3. Additional expenses include $7.25 for each Class B or C solo entry and $8.25 for each Class A solo entry. Ensemble events are an additional $12.25 for each entry.
    4. Ensembles must be formed with siblings (brothers or sisters) also registered as non-members.
  2. Parents should contact Rosalie Richardson stating that their student is home-schooled or attends a non-WSMA member school (name the school) and wishes to participate in a WSMA District Solo & Ensemble Festival. Please include the student’s name, age, grade in school, parent name, address, phone, and email. All registration forms will be sent to the parent(s) when the above information has been processed by WSMA.
  3. When home-schooled students qualify for the WSMA State Solo & Ensemble Festival, each must register online within five days after the completion of the District Festival and pay the State Festival registration fees. Please call WSMA if more information is required.
  4. Home-schooled students registered for WSMA Festivals must follow all WSMA participation requirements. (See Rules VI.A.1 – 17 and VI.B.1 – 27)

Rosalie Richardson
WSMA Program Assistant

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