Violin Care

  • Keep a soft 100% cotton, cloth in the violin case to clean rosin off the violin and strings each time you put your violin away after practice.
  • Do not use cleaners on your violin. If you wipe the rosin off of your violin regularly, there should be very little need for “cleaning and polishing” your violin.
  • Always have clean hands (and other areas that touch the violin) when touching your instrument.
  • If you are concerned about sweat, a cloth can be placed between your skin and your violin to minimize sweat getting onto your instrument. I always recommend 100 % cotton or other performance material that will absorb instead of transfer.
  • Always loosen the bow when putting your violin away.
  • Strings need changing even if they don’t break. Usually once a year.
  • Check that the bridge is perpendicular to the belly. If not, I can fix this for you, if you are unsure.
  • Do not leave your violin in the car…

    • In hot weather, the varnish could melt or blister.
    • In cold weather, the varnish or the wood may crack when brought into a warm house.
    • When the weather is extreme, try to arrive at performance locations at least 30 minutes prior to using your violin to let it adjust to the new temperatures. Otherwise, you may need to tune and retune.

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