The lightbox is a place where students creations can be highlighted. It is a fun page for all. Enjoy!
This is a new page, so I expect it to grow =)


Here is a little assignment Dan did for school. He created his own sound effects and sound track with his violin. He mentions me, but I only helped him come up with a couple of things to do, otherwise, this is all his creativity.

Emmalei, age 6… recently came into her violin lesson ¬†and announced that she wrote a song. It was so cute, I had to record it. I only made one suggestion, but the rest was hers. I like her rhythm choices.


Abbie, age 7… here are a couple of items that Abbie has contributed. One is a song she composed on paper when she was 5. Another is a story she wrote for school last year right after our Christmas performances.

Click here to view her story.

Watch Jingle Bells mentioned in her story. (This takes a moment to load).

Andrea, age 10

for a school project, Andrea made a penguin out of paper mache. See below for photos:

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