Meet Alyssa

Alyssa began taking violin lessons from me in eighth grade. Starting out in the back of the violin section, she quickly rose to the concertmaster seat within the year. She was also a recipient of a Kiwanis award in 2010.  For the 2009-10 WSMA Solo and Ensemble event, she was the only 8th grader in her orchestra to go to state with her solo. After auditioning for the Wisconsin Honors Orchestra, she got into the first violin section for fall, 2010. She also has an awesome ear. Go ahead, sing something. She just might be able to play it back. Besides being very funny, Alyssa is also full of heart. Sometimes she comes up with the most profound statements. Read her favorite quote below. It is a testament to who she is.

Some fun things about Alyssa…

What is your favorite…

Color? Purple
Pastime? Reading. Running. Playing music, of course =)
Book? Marley & Me
Saying? “You must do the things you think you cannot do” -Eleanor Roosevelt  This is such an excellent quote in so many ways!
TV Show? Gilmore Girls
Music to listen to? Alternative, rock, classic, pop
Music to perform? Celtic/Irish

What else?

What kind of student are you? Straight A’s, weird in a good way, total orch dork, friendly and outgoing, hard worker, thoughtful, overachiever, like my mom! None of these surprise me… well, except maybe the “dork” thing… but I believe that is a club… JK
What grade are you in? 9th
If you were a cartoon character, which one would you be? Why? Road Runner. To run so fast would be amazing! I’d definitely excel in track and field. 🙂 That is better than tripping over the hurdles… like I probably would.
What is the whackiest thing anyone ever gave you? I really don’t know…
Tell us of a favorite memory? Orchestra Camp at UWW Whitewater!!! The entire camp stay must have been the best =)

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