Sept. 9, 2012 Sunday–East Troy Bluegrass Festival

Go to the CreasonStudios facebook page to:

  • Find videos to play along with,
  • Read lyrics,
  • and download sheetmusic!

Tune suggestions are always welcome.

On Site Registration begins at 9 a.m.

This event is open for all bluegrass instruments.

Opportunity to solo, if you want it! See below.
Mini Bootcamp Schedule
Time Description
9 – 10a Registration at the Bluegrass Kids Boot Camp tent
10 – 11:30a Session 1: Meet at Boot camp tent to find break out areas
11:30a – 1p Break
1 – 2:45p Session 2: Break out areas
3:00 p.m. Perform (not required)


East Troy Bluegrass Festival returns to village square Sept. 8-9, 2012.

What to Bring

Student should bring their own acoustic instruments (tunable and playable) and any necessary accessories. Please check your instrument prior to the bootcamp (or have it checked out by a professional if you are unsure), as time will not permit assistance with repairing, restringing, or tuning of difficult instruments. Items you may need for your instrument include: extra strings, capo (for banjo and guitar), strap (for banjo, guitar, and mandolin), rosin, etc. Other things to bring:
  • Audio recorder and accessories to practice what you just learned during breaks
  • Tuner, if you have one
  • Music stand, if you would like to read music or take notes.
  • Rain gear—just in case!
For further information, please contact: Melissa Sherman or Lisa Creason

Ability Levels

Please be at least acquainted with your instrument (i.e., you have played it a year or so or have taken lessons).


Fiddle: You should be able to play in first position on all strings, reproduce simple melodic phrases and/or can read all first position notes. You may know simple basic tunes but know little about a chop or know little about bluegrass tunes.
Banjo/guitar/mando/bass, etc.: these students must know a few chords, however may have trouble changing in time. These students may know how to pick out a simple lead on an instrument, but may not be quite in time or be able to play up to tempo.


Fiddle: You should be able to play in tempo or faster tempos. Have good command of the bow and can possibly play double-stops and/or third and above positions. Fiddle players in this group should have knowledge of a few bluegrass songs (and possibly understand how to play backup) to other instruments.
Banjo/guitar/mando/bass, etc.: these students must know how to play the basic chords and change in time. They should be able to have a basic knowledge of breaks and be able to play a simple break up to tempo.


Fiddle: these students can play well in both melody and harmony in an ensemble, can keep tempo, be able to play double-stops, chords, and (most likely positions above 3rd =). The advanced fiddle player will also have an ear or understanding of chordal structures and may have improvising basics down.
Banjo/guitar/mando/bass, etc.: these students must know how to play chords and change in time. They should also be able to pick out a break to a few songs that is more than just the melody line. It will be thought in advance that these children will be able to pick up on breaks quickly.
If you are in the intermediate or advanced group and would like to be a helper,
I’d love to hear from you! If there are a few helpers,
we could have a special tune just for you to be flashy about!


Beginners will be required to attend both sessions. Advanced can come to just the later sessions. If you want a solo, I recommend you come to both sessions. This is a free workshop meant to teach you a little something fun. We reserve the right to excuse anyone that doesn’t have the same goal. We may also move students around according to ability to help out for the best fit. Thanks! This is going to be lots of fun!

Practice Files for Now…

Please send an email to (Subject: East Troy Bluegrass Kids Bootcamp Send Me the Link Please!) with your name, instrument and ability level. I will send you a link to the files to practice against. It is important that you include your instrument and ability, so that I can make sure I have what you need up there. This is all about you (or your child) and having fun!
Thank you!

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