I recommend a variety of strings, but if I am not available and you need to go to the store to get a string, take your violin with you, as they may even change the string for you (Pacetti’s generally has someone on staff to do this or see the video below to do it yourself). Every instrument responds differently to strings. If you have a finer instrument, I recommend trying a few different kinds over the lifetime, until you settle on one.

For more advanced players/instruments:

  • Evah Pirazzi strings (medium gauge is good)
  • Pirastro Oliv is what I use and is also an excellent string. It can also be a little temperamental at first. But, if you get in as many hours of practice and playing as I do, it will be just fine. =)

For intermediate players/instruments:

  • Pirastro, Obligato
  • Thomastik, Dominants (with a Pirastro Gold E)

For tiny violins (1/2 or smaller)

  • Thomastik, Dominants
  • Thomastik, Vision (this is the least expensive one, if you are using on tiny violins =)
  • D’Addario strings are really inexpensive and used by many places for rental, if you are looking for an inexpensive string for the little tykes.

Here is an interesting review of 30 different strings, published in Strings Magazine in 2001. If you looking to try a different strings and would like to read about various strings, this article covers many brands.

How to change a string.

Here is a great video on how to do that, created by Shar.


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