Music Stands

Music stands are important. You should have your music at a comfortable level when practicing at home. Things to consider when buying a stand are:

If… Then…
You are tall… you may need to consider buying a tall stand.This one is just like the ones I am using, but are taller: Manhasset Tall Stand

The Peak Stand, extra tall version is completely foldable. The only real downside is that the base is so big, you can’t use in an orchestra setting that well (doable, like for camp) or you trip over it while playing in the group, if you have to move around it (at least I do… so, I really don’t like these)

What I have in ensemble Get a Manhasset.You have to make sure it will fit. These are made for the Manhasset, so you may want to get one of those.

Standard, orchestra Manhasset

Manhasset with a foldable base

It comes in a variety of colors. I recommend getting the standard black, so you can use in our ensemble events. If you buy the Manhasset, you can get the stand extensions for $20 (instead of 24ish). Or you can go to Pacetti’s and get them there for $20ish. Call first to be sure. They also sell the standard Manhasset stands =). This stand is also available in tall. There is a cheaper one out there that is similar to this. It is more light weight. You can find Manhasset stands on eBay as well for about $20 each.

You want to add stand-outs Manhasset Stand-Outs. ~$20/set. These are made by Manhasset, so, they fit Manhasset. The size of the desk should be 12.5 high with a lip no larger than 2.425”. If there is a lip, this will not fit. There are other types of stand-outs you can buy that will fit any stand.
You want a folding stand… It is always good to have a folding stand that is light weight to carry around in your bag in case you need to use one. The kind I recommend is the Hercules folding stand. It is a little more pricey, but you can’t beat the quality of Hercules. Another standard is the Hamilton wire stand. These are pretty good, as well. Don’t buy the cheapest one out there…  you will only have to replace it after a few uses.
A violin stand Again, I would buy a Hercules violin stand, if you are looking for something that will hold your violin (and is not attached to the stand). I have had stands fall over that were holding my electric violins. Amazing how the pegs can just crack in half right before a show. Never leave your violin attached to a mic or music stand and walk away!! Also, don’t get the kind of violin attachment that attaches to the lip. This just scares me.
You want another option Here is another stand I recommend, if you are looking for a fold up stand. This one will not hold extensions (I believe the lip is too big).

NOTE: I have no stock in Overall, their prices are pretty good. Please feel free to shop anywhere.


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