Games! (and Theory =)

Here are some fun games to play. There are some that require you to know some background information (well, all of them do), but much of this knowledge you should already know. For things like the Beethoven game, go search for the answers while you are playing the game.

Click here for online flashcards. Select a different clef for practice on the viola, cello and piano.

Introduction to note reading. This selection has it all. One topic at a time.

Fun games for younger students… and older =)

Click here to hear specific notes on an interactive keyboard, such as for tuning or for pitch practice.

Click here for a great site full of fun and lessons. A lot of work went into that site!
You can find some of the games from above in these lessons as well.

Download free music writing software here! Write your own music.

What kind of instrument is that? Learn about various instruments through the online Instrument Encyclopedia.

Songs to sing in the car (anytime, really) Singing is a great way to develop your musician’s ear. Pitch, tamboure, melody, harmony, rhythm can all be sung and help with playing an instrument, too! Thank you to Lindsay, from Florida, for letting me know about this great resource.

Do you have a page you’d like to see referenced here? Let me know about it and I may just put it here for you, too!

Lisa Creason
Director, CreasonStudios

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